Connecting to an Remote Agent in another machine with current laptop running tests

Hi Team, our remote agent is installed in a Windows machine, and I am trying to connect to it from another machine where I am using an automation framework based in the Java SDK and Mobile automation scripts with Java SDK

As we know we are able to reach the remote agent from the outside at port 8443:
TestProject Agent

The problem we are facing is exactly the same as the below forum

Caused by: io.testproject.sdk.internal.exceptions.AgentConnectException: Failed communicating with the Agent at
Caused by: Certificate for <> doesn’t match any of the subject alternative names: [*,]

We did try the solution provide in the above forum by adding to the hosts file of the client machine bound to the ip of the remote machine. see in the below picture

But this did not help us, is there another solution for Windows Agents or are we missing anything here like new SSL certs?
NOTE: This is huge blocker in our POC interms of mobile automation since we connect all our devices in a office lab which has our remote agent

Did you start the agent with a rest address like explained here:

TestProject – 28 Apr 21

Distributed Execution for Test Automation - TestProject

Learn how to achieve distributed execution of tests, exposing the TestProject Agent for remote executions across various targets by the OpenSDK.

You can use the command:

testproject-agent start --rest-address

To start the agent in any interface using any port.

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