Connect to AWS machine using SSH or any other way using Testproject (while recording)

Hi Testproject,
is there a way to connect to AWS machine ( windows) using Test Project using SSh or any way. if
so, can you please assist and give an example how?

Hi @geoedgeqa,

Can you please elaborate? What exactly do you want to achieve with that?
If you want to run a TestProject agent on AWS EC2 instance, this tutorial can help you with that

Hi Amit,
I meant how can I connect to the aws machine (windows machine that I created on aws) using Test project?
Using putty can be achieved by Connect to your Linux instance from Windows using PuTTY - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
But is there a way using Test project ? Using ssh command or any other way?

What exactly are you hosting in AWS that you want to connect to TestProject?

I have an AWS windows machine with Testproject agent running on it.
i have a jenkins job that launch the instance but only after i connect to the machine the agent will boot up and only then i can run automation on it.
so i would like to connect to the AWS machine using ssh ( or any other way) using TestProject.
once i connect to the machine i could run the test on the agent (running on the AWS machine)
i hope i make it clear.
would really appreciate your assistance

Hi @geoedgeqa,

Your scenario is a bit complicated.
We do have an option to interact with the TestProject agent using the agent CLI:

Using the agent CLI, you can run your tests as YAML files locally. I believe that If you will connect to your AWS instance, you’ll be able to run tests using the agent CLI.

I looked at it and this not resolve my issue.
I need a way to connect to aws machine using ssh that way the aws machine will be ready to execute the tests.
Can we run ssh command using test project in order to connect to aws machine?

Try to use this addon: TestProject
This should allow you to execute shell commands.

ok. i will try that

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