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Confused between Runner and Test

I have found three different modules in your git 1) Addons 2) Runner 3) Test
I have read your docs. but I have doubt between Runner and test.
where should I implement my test logic?
what’s the purpose of runner?
shoudl I need to create seperate project for runner or seperate package?


Your logic should be implemented in Test or Addons modules.
Runner module is required only in order to debug your code locally and should not have any real logic.
It’s a good practice to place runner in a separate module/project since it should not be packaged into the JAR that is uploaded to TestProject.

Hope it helps.

ok understand. so that means runner is only for debugging.

next query is that. should I mention development token into runner module or test?

because without developement token it will not be connect to testproject and not logged in testproject right?

Development token is used only for local development using Runner and should be provided there.
Runner project should not be package nor uploaded to TestProject in order to execute your test via the platform.

Ok great! Understand.

Next question:

When I will get log? after upload the complete project on testproject and after run? or when I will debug my runner module?

When you debug your Test using Runner you will see logs in the console of your IDE.
It is the same as running a test with Selenium, just that the runnable method is a class.