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Common test case for iOS and Android

Using TestProject able to record separate iOS and Android test case. If want combine test case for both iOS and Android into single test case then how it will achieve ( Not using job same recorded or code test case common for iOS and Android).
If any documentation or sample or steps need to follow then please guide.


Hi Rohit.
With the use of our SDK you can create generic tests that will run on both platforms thought it is not easy to code as they are very different operating systems.

With the recorder you must specify if it is android or iOS, you can’t create a generic test on the recorder at the moment.

Best Regards , Ran.

just to confirm , so we need to create same test separately on both platforms as coding is not simple ? I have been using appium for my current project and have around 40 test cases which runs on both platforms(different locators but same logic). If I am planning to move from appium to this platform, I would have to create 80 test cases :disappointed:

At the moment, for recording, that is correct you do need to specify which platform it should run on.
What you can do is create some of the shared logic in an addon, which can be ran on both platforms by implementing the GenericAction interface.
Then on each recorded test you can call that addon, therefore saving some of the duplicate steps.

Dont know much about addon but will try out. Thank you!