Command line execution of Test1 in Folder1, Test1 to call Test2 in Folder2


I have 2 health check scripts in 2 different folders which are checked in to our gitlab by teams across the globe. We run only in local mode. Using command line I would like to execute Test1 in Folder1 and once this is completed, how can I call Test2 which is in a different Folder2.
The need is because different teams are going to keep updating Test2 and check it to gitlab.

So we do a check out in my local and I just have to run Test1 which makes sure all the latest scripts for Test2 are also run.

In reality there might be like lot of such scripts which will scale up . The need is to link from 1 health check script to another, without passing of parameters across scripts as of now.


Hi @santhoshkartha0,
Because at the moment nested tests in local mode are not supported.
You will need to use other way to trigger the test using the CLI.
Have you tried using the execute shell command with the command:
testproject-agent run \Folder2\test2.yml
As your command?
Let me know if you managed.

@Amit.Lacher Thankyou for the response.

No, we were not able to work it around, since the first test should invoke the second test without closing the browser. Otherwise, Thanks a ton for giving us Testproject.

@santhoshkartha0 Thanks for kind words :slight_smile:
Another possible solution is to upload both tests to TestProject, make one a nested test of the other one,
And export the test (save as file) again. This should a create a test that calls subtest which you can run from a single YAML file.

@Amit.Lacher Yes it does work for now, but would be an overhead. For eg. if we had a login script and 5 other functionality scripts maintained by 5 other teams, if i change the login scripts, then it would mean all other 5 teams have to open the login script and each of their script and re-save it and run on their command line.
It is an overhead, but nevertheless, we understand testproject is evolving. Hope to have this feature down the lane - nested tests in local mode, it gives great modularity to our tests.
Once again thanks a ton.

Hi @santhoshkartha0,
We are aware of this, and at the moment this is considered a limitation of the local mode.
I have created ticket TP-17253 to support subtests on local mode, I will let you know here, if this is added to the roadmap.

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