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Combining mobile testing with web testing?


Forgive the high-level question from an newcomer… ;-).

We have a mobile app which is complemented with a web based system; users in the field have the mobile app, users at “head office” use the web. Same features, different way of interacting.

With TestProject are we able to combine a mixture of mobile-app and web tests into an overall pass/fail outcome?

Case: A user of the mobile app user submits a document. A web user successfully receives the correct document.

And vice-versa; a user of the web based product sends a message and it is received successfully by the recipient on the mobile app.



You can achieve it with jobs and project parameters. Not like test parameters ,project parameters are global variables that avilbale to all of you tests/agents across the account. They can be used for read/write operations from any test, for instance any web test can store the temp data there and any mobile test can read/update this data later (and vise versa). using project parameters you can pass values across multiple tests/agents/platforms for sync/validation purposes.

I made this diagram to emphasize

let me know if it helps

Thanks Mark - that makes things very clear. And also…sounds awesome!