Collecting Accumulative Results

I have created some very simple automated tests, scheduled them to run every 10 mins. 24/7. The tests are successfully running and capturing the data I require.
So that part is great.
However, I am looking at capturing key information such as Start time of the test, Duration of the test and some specific timings of some validation steps that we have added i.e. capturing the timing of the actual login.

ALL of this is available in the exported report. So again this is great news.

However, as I run the report every 10 minutes 24/7, I want to capture some key MI for or senior management. I will have 144 Individual reports per day by the end of each day. How can I show the results of the data I want to capture (mentioned above) in a accumulative report?

So as a real example, I would like 1 report that has 144 lines and each report line show me the test ID, the duration of each test and the specific validation I am interested in i.e. in this case the timing of a step in the script that tells me how log it took to login in. This is available in the steps section.

At present I am extracting this manually. Not what I want to do.

Is there a way to download the above data into excel cumulatively?

Waqar Hussain

Hi @waqar.hussain,
That is a nice suggestion, but, We don’t have this option currently.
I will let you know if it is added to our roadmap.