Collected report for offline test cases

First of all, thanks for the great features in version 3 and for the very helpful support
I can export tests and run them in offline mode with command “testproject-agent run mytest.yaml” and report generated in appdata folder
my question is:

  • Is there any way to get ONE report the for the multiple test cases?
    I mean when run multiple yaml files i want to get one report instead of separate report for each file
  • Also can i change report directory?

Hi @Taha.Hussein
You can add to your run comment in the cli -o {Location to save file}
for example:

If you want in one file to have all pdf results you can run this comment that will combine all .html files to one .html file will all reports together
for example:

When you will open this new file you will be able to see all reports shown one after another.
as you can see in the image two test reports together

Please let me know if that helped.

thank you @Tal.Efraim
this was very useful!

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