Coded test not possible to add an App

Hi, i triyng to add an application to an coded test, but thats option is not present, is this possible?
I want to reinstall the app after each excecution on the job

Coded test on Job:

Test generated on the Web

Hi @pablo.slaj1,
I have opened a request on this issue: TP-17011, I will let you know when this is resolved.
In the mean time have you tried using different methods to clean the application data inside the coded tests?

Hi @Amit.Lacher yes i tried, with capabilities using full reset and i get this issue Original error: The 'noReset' and 'fullReset' capabilities are mutually exclusive and should not both be set to true. You probably meant to just use 'fullReset' on its own, also i tried using driver methods to remove and install and also get another issue: Is it possible to reinstall the app on iOS when using the SDK? - #6 by pablo.slaj1, do you know another option?. Because on the web its possible to reinstall checking the “Clear application data” but in code i cant reproduce that behaviour. How do the Test Project web reinstall the app?


Hi @pablo.slaj1
I have raised the issue to our R&D team and we are working on TP-17011 and TP-17032, I will let you know once it’s resolved here.

Hi @Amit.Lacher , ok thanks, do you know another way or workaraound?

Hi @pablo.slaj1,
At the moment the work around would be to create an empty recordered test that re-installs the app and place it before each coded test.