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Clicking btn taking over 60+secs to do

First time trying testproject. I am having trouble where each steps are taking over 60 seconds. The first step was quick but when it tries to click a button on the next step, it takes 60 secs to do. How come?

Hi @Jackie.Ngo,

Can you please provide more details? What exactly are you testing? On which platform? Also, how do you locate those elements?

Using android and xpath.

I am trying to go through the onboarding flow of an app. Eventually all the steps pass but it takes over 60-100 seconds to complete one. All it is trying to do is locate the element and then click it.

Locating elements using absolute XPath is the least preferred way. It can take a lot of time to locate them.

If you don’t have resource-id, maybe locating them by text or label will help you. For example, a button with the text: “Submit”, can be located like this: //android.widget.Button[@text = ‘Submit’]

Let me know if it helped you.

Kind regards,

I tried using text but still taking 60-100 secs to complete. :frowning: it is averaging about 1min and 20 secs…

Is it slow also when you execute your test prom outside the recorder? From the project area?

From the project area, it is about 8 mins total.

Note* total 9 steps

I will have to review your agent logs.
Can you please send it to my email? amit.yahav@testproject.io

You can download the agent logs by navigating to the “Agents” page, click on the three dots icon on your agent and download the logs.

Thanks for the help. I have sent it to your email