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Click the pop up list

Hello everyone, I want to click the field to display the pop-up list but I can’t.

  1. I want to click that field (first picture)
  2. But the action is to edit the text field (second pic)

Does everyone know how to click the field (not edit)?
thank you in advance.

Note: the second picture is on the comment.

Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 13.04.31

Hello @ayu.kartika
Try to use Tap instead of click action.
replace the action by searching Tap:

Please let me know if that helps.

Hello @kfir.yosef thank you for you reply.
But, I don’t want to create an action, I want to click from “view device” because I want to create an action when the pop up list is displayed.
I mean by pop up list is like this.

You can freeze the element you want to perform an action on (from “view device” after the pop up list is displayed) If your goal is to click on the element) by standing with your mouse over the element and double-clicking the Shift button.
Then select the tap action if your goal is to click on the element.

You might need to tap on a specific part of a mobile element (both Android or iOS), you can use the Tap element at relative point action.
If for example, you want to click here:

You can hover the wrapper element of the element you want to tap on, double shift to capture it, and select the “Tap at relative point” action, by providing the Horizontal tap percentage and the Vertical tap percentage (notice: it starts from the top-left corner of the element) you will be able to tap on a specific point on the wrapper element.

Here you can read more about it and find an example:

Please let me know if this is clear enough or you need more help.

But, when I tap action and choose tap (or click), it will direct me to the create a new step, not displaying the pop up list :confused: @kfir.yosef

even though I click on the down-arrow, it still displayed edit text, not clicking the field.

@ayu.kartika Can you please contact me via TestProject chat to schedule a zoom call?

Yes, I already sent a chat. Really thanks for your fast response @kfir.yosef :pray: