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Clear text field using appium

On the main screen of my app one of my text fields is already populated with text from previous run.

I tried running :

WebElement nameField = driver.findElement(By.name("Name")); nameField.clear nameField = " "

But both options are not working.

The text won’t go away.

Any help would be appreciated

I also struggled with this issue. One thing i found was that if I wanted to delete text area by pressing the delete key, it needed to tap at the end of the line.

[code]public void clearText(WebElement webElement) {
double xLocation = webElement.getLocation().getX() + webElement.getSize().width - 5;
double yLocation = webElement.getLocation().getY() + ((double) webElement.getSize().height / 3);
tap(xLocation, yLocation, 0.1, 1);
while (!webElement.getText().isEmpty()) {

public void pressDelete() {
HashMap swipeObject = new HashMap();
swipeObject.put(“keycode”, 67);
((JavascriptExecutor) driver).executeScript(“mobile: keyevent”, swipeObject);

public void tap(double xLocation, double y, double duration, int touchCount) {
JavascriptExecutor js = (JavascriptExecutor) driver;
HashMap<String, Double> tap = new HashMap<String, Double>();
tap.put(“x”, xLocation);
tap.put(“y”, yLocation);
tap.put(“touchCount”, (double)touchCount);
tap.put(“duration”, duration);
js.executeScript(“mobile: tap”, tap);

Hope this helps.