Clear android chrome and ios safari browser cache and dat

currently my apps is using login using google login.
so i can record the first time login (click on choose other account, input email, input password)
but later when to run it again on the same device, the account already saved there. so i cant run the same flow again.

im thinking is there any addon or command so i can clear chrome cache and data automatically. so i can do the same flow again?

Hi @tri.putra,

Internal apps behave and look different when you run them on a mobile browser because of a different resolution.
For this reason, it is best to record a web test for mobile browsers.

Take a look at the following article, it will help you do just that.:

Running a Web Test on a Mobile Device:

Also, you can use the ‘Clear local storage’ action.

I have a similar issue with Android app that uses a browser window to log in the app with Facebook. My test works, but on the second test run the user is still logged into Facebook. Ideally, I could clear browser cache in a mobile app test, but that doesn’t seem possible with an app test.

“Clear local storage” command does not help clearing the cache in web app. Is there anything for web app I can use?

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