Clear and Type add is not working as expected

I have been using TestProject for a month now and I was impressed with the things it can do.

I have regularly used the “clear and type” add on to clear the text from any element and type into it but since last few days it is not working as expected. It is typing text right next to the element’s text without clearing the existing element’s text.

I tried reporting this add on from add-ons > “combined actions” > report but it fails to report it and throws some error saying operation failed, please try again.

I recorded a video for the same and trying to get hold of chat support and currently waiting for a reply from chat support.

I just wanted to know if others are facing the same problem as well.

Looking forward to get a faster resolution for this.

It was a web application I was trying to use this particular add-on on.


Hi @amber ,

First of all, welcome to our community :slight_smile:
Regarding the issue, can you please share a screenshot from the report of the specific step that uses this addon?
Are you getting any error messages there?

Hi @alex.ivanov ,

Thank you for your response.
I have a video of the steps where I was trying to use this add on but unfortunately there is no option here to to add video. It will be great if we had that option as well so that you could see what I am talking about.

It does not give any error message at all in the report as it is able to execute the type action but not the clear action.

I am going to attach few screenshots for the same.

Please check and fix this asap

Hi @amber ,

When you are manually deleting this textbox with backspace, does it clear it? or the only way to choose a value from this drop down is actually clicking on a value from the drop down list?

Hi @alex.ivanov,

Yes I can delete the textbox using backspace and it clears it.
Clicking on a value from this dropdown is not the only way to do it.

Earlier it used to work fine but since last couple of weeks I have seen this issue.

Let me know if you need any further information from me.

Thanks and Regards.