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Clean up Account storage?


In my Account Statistics I can see we are using 100 MB of the free 2 GB storage. Is there any way to clean up the used storage manually? What is using that storage? Uploaded apps, the tests, test execution history, addons, anything else? It’s hard to see when the storage limit is reached and what happens when the storage is full.

Best regards,

Hello, and thanks for reaching out.

Most of your storage is taken up by screenshots and reports.

If you need to conserve your storage space, you can:

  1. Try taking less screenshots.
  2. Delete old unused reports to free up space.

You should know, we are working on making storage space with reports and screenshots more efficient in the future.

Hello David,
thanks for the quick reply.
How can I delete unused reports? I don’t find the option in the UI nor in the API.


Nevermind, just found it :smiley:

Great :smiley:, but for future users, it is located in the reports section, by clicking on the square and ticking the box, and pressing delete.