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Classpath of remote library


I have created a jar file that can be uploaded to the addon and can be started on a remote Linux client. However, after successful registration in the server (as seen in the server logs), it fails to run, indicating as error message just the external reference.

How do I package the jar / provide a Pom.xml so that the jar is executable by the Agent?

And how can I increase the log level? I tried to incorporate log4j but it fails for the same reasons.

Thanks for any hints.

Hi Martin,

You can use our pom.xml or build.gradle files from our Github examples.
Once you compiled your project to jar, simply upload it to TestProject on the Addons page.

As for the log level, during your development, you can definitely use log4j or any other logs library. This would help you debugging your project locally. When you upload your addon to TestProject, you don’t have this option. We implemented a reporting mechanism of our own. You need to create an instance of ActionReporter:
ActionReporter reporter = helper.getReporter();

This ActionReporter class has a method called result().
This result method can control the output message of the step that uses this addon. For example:
ActionReporter reporter = helper.getReporter();
reporter.result("Your result text goes here");

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