Clarity needed on input and output parameter

I have created a Test case TC1 and a sub test ST1. TC1 calls ST1 at several places.
Below are the operations I m doing:

  • Getting the classname attribute of an element in TC1 which I am storing it in a variable called Class_Name_Attribute, and is set as input parameter
  • Passing element as a parameter to the sub test, and mapping to the input parameter called Class_Name_Attribute_Subtest. I have added a if condition in subtest based on the parameter set.
  • In this scenario the sub test gets skipped. Not sure why it is getting skipped, as the skipped test cases are greyed out in test project report
  • Changed the parameter to output parameter in sub test, ST1. ST1 is failing with the error “Requested to set the value of sub-test output parameter "Class_Name_Attribute_Subtest"to test parameter “Class_Name_Attribute”, but “Class_Name_Attribute_Subtest” is never set!

Kindly help on this. Let me know if you need further info on this

Hi @gurupreeth.karnik ,

You can find helpful information in this documentation:

And also, here you can understand correctly how to use input and output parameters:

Please let me know if it helped you :slight_smile:

Hi @alex.ivanov , thanks for the doc. I have gone through this and then only implemented the parameterisation in our suite. But the above mentioned scenario, where passing parameter from main task to sub task is not working. Let me know if we can get into a call to look into this?

Sure, I sent you a message in the support chat.

Would have been nice to see the answer here :slight_smile:

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