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Chrome headless and download default directory

Hi good morning
In a test I’m doing, it works fine in chrome in normal mode, but not in headless mode.
Reading I see that there are problems when trying to download, and you have to set Selenium the preference “download.default_directory”

I am, since Job, doing it without positive results.

This is my configuration

“browserName”: “chrome”,
“version”: 83,
“goog:chromeOptions”: {
“prefs”: {
“profile.default_content_settings.popups”: 0,
“download.default_directory”: “C:\Users\\Downloads\”,
“credentials_enable_service”: false,
“profile.password_manager_enabled”: false

Can you help me please?

Currently chrome headless does not support file download, we have have an opened a request to fix it in the chrome web driver.


A work around until it is resolved is to use Firefox headless for the download test.