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Checking for browser console errors


I would like to write a test that reported back on if there were any browser dev console errors, and if there were it would fail.

Is there a way to do this in TestProject?

Hello @rlet.

We’ve released a new addon for collecting browser console logs:

You can use the Get Chrome logs action to collect any possible error message given by the browser, and then you can add a validation to the step.

That is interesting… will check it out.


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Thanks for this addon.
Only problem with it is that it has only one useful case. When I know that some step will crash and set it’s fallback test to be this one.

Is there any generic way to find your console output for all the tests?

Hello @marko.bilanovic
This is an addon so you can just add this action in each of your tests, for example as the final step.
It will output the console logs in each end of the test.

So the idea is that default behavior for step failure is to continue the test?

That could do as well, but I’m still not satisfied because that way every next step after failure is obsolete, but will be run.

Hi, i just started using testproject, it is all working like a charm, but i cant get information about error in the console, or trigger a failure once it finds TypeError , any suggestions?
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