Checkbox operations in the android platform

Is there a way to check the checkboxes randomly in test recorder?

Hi @fatema, You can crate a step to generate a random value.
Then, create a step for each checkbox and set it to execute under a condition based on the random value created before.

if the check boxes are dynamic then?

Check if you can find locators for these elements by name or any other attribute that can help find the element.

actually there are no options to find the elements by name or any other attribute, then how can i handle this.

If the element’s locator always changes and there are no attributes to that element (which is very strange) you probably won’t be able to automate it.
If the checkboxes are always at the same point in the screen you can use the ‘Tap gesture at coordinates’ action.

thanks, i will try this way

Thanks,the problem has been solved.

Glad to know that :slight_smile:
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