Check if one of two possible texts appear

Hi everybody,

In a test I have two different texts that can appear after a certain action.
One of these texts HAS to appear. It is kind of a IF-OR-CLAUSE.
Does someone know how I can check if one of those two texts show up?
Respectively I should get a fault, if none of the two texts or a different one appears.

I am using the Web-type in Testproject, as I do not know any programming language good enough to do it with code.

i use following:
Get attribute/text from element ( i set this step to always pass so will either get the text or not), Store this into a parameter.
Then on the if part of your test add a condition of above parameter equals = given expectation

get text from ‘login’ button > store output in {loginText}
Click login ( condition {loginText} = login

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