Changing settings of a test via API or GUI for several tests


We have 7 mobile applications projects which divide into Android and iOS tests.
This makes approx. total of 800 smoke tests altogether.

Is it possible to change value of Execution Speed and Adaptive wait to all tests in a project at once?

Can it be done via API? I was searching through swagger documentation but I did not find any API for changing test settings( “defaultStepSleepTime”: 0,“defaultStepTimeout”: 15000, defaultStepFailureBehaviorType": “Abort”, “defaultStepTakeScreenshotConditionType”: “Failure”).

I would be glad for any kind of help on this matter, because changing for each and every test would be really time consuming.


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You can use parameter in test setting and control parameter via API

Hi @berny.rat . I’ve tried but I don’t know exactly what you mean.

When you go to test settings, I am not even allowed to add parameter value to execution speed or adaptive wait.

Would you be so kind to elaborate some more what do you mean by control parameter via API.

Which API to use to control adaptive wait and Execution speed parameters?

Thanks for the answer in advance.

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