Changing Mobile Application in Test

Hi! I’m working on a mobile application and was working on test cases for around 30 test cases now. Then today, there is a decision from my team to branch out the application into 3 routes: dev, production, and mock. Usually I would be testing on dev branch, but now I need to test on mock branch. The UI’s are similar between both. Is there any way I could change the application to be testing mock branch without rewriting the previous test cases?

Hello @SupawisT,
You will need to enter the test’s edit settings and choose the app you want to use to change an app.

Here are a few steps that will help you work easier:

  1. Upload your app to TestProject with different names ( etc.), so you can choose the correct application without mixing them up.
  2. Duplicate your tests/jobs ( etc.), so you can adapt test cases to fit your environment without accidentally harming them.

Please let me know if you need more information/assistance.

@ran.ferdinaro That works for me, thanks!

@SupawisT, You are welcome!
Don’t hesitate to contact us in the future for any other issues or questions you may have :smile: