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Changing Element Name in Test Step

In test step, there is an Element editable field. Changing name of the field will replace the same at other steps(having same name) along with xpath.

Hi @vibhorsharma.

Can you please elaborate a bit more?
If you are using one element in a few steps it indeed will be changed in others if you change it in any of them.
That happening because the element saved as unique value, which have it’s locator and name.
So there is few steps that using one this element. And if you change elements name, it will be saved in every step that are using this element.
If you want to separate it, you need just to create element with a different name.

There are two different pages(say A and B) having text box(these text box have different behaviour and location), While recording it identifies both elements as same name (say ID). But when i tried to change the element name in one of the page(A)(change from ID to Test). It will automatically rename at other place(page B) along with updated Xpath.

Plz do let me know if anything else is required.