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Changing Color of the element selector box when hovering over element

Excuse me, I’m now executing tests on mobile device with TestProject. There is a problem that when I try to select an element on my application, there is supposed to be selector box showing me what elements am I referring to. (The black box covering the search icon is what I mean) Unfortunately, the box is black and the same as my app background color, so it is very hard to distinguish what element am I clicking on. Is there any way to change color of the selector box?

Hi @SupawisT,
First of all, welcome to our community :slight_smile: ,

Regarding the selector box color feature, we currently do not support it, and we’ll consider adding it in the future.

I have opened a ticket on this issue,

You will be notified here once it’s resolved.

This is the ticket number: TP-17029

@alex.ivanov Thank you!