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Change the download location

Good morning,

The default download location for the Chrome browser is c:\temp; however, when I am using the Recorder the browser defaults to the \Downloads under the user’s folder (ex.: c:\users…\Downloads) every time I am downloading a zip file.

Is there a way to use the browsers default settings? (c:\temp)


Hello @luis.stolk, thanks for reaching out.

after downloading the file, you can add a step that performs the “Execute Shell Command” action provided by the “Shell Commands” Addon,

using the “move” command you can move the downloaded file to any destination you wish in your machine, for example:

move C:\\Users\\usr\\Downloads\\a.jpg C:\\Users\\usr\\Desktop
will move a.jpg from the downloads directory to the desktop


Many thanks for your response @meidan.nasi

However, we are several users, so the user account address changes.
I was trying to use %userprofile% instead of the ‘usr’ name, but it does not seems to work fine.

Instead, I was trying to just unzip the downloaded zip file using the “Decompress Zip File” action as following:
However, this fails with the following message:

Failed to unzip file
net.lingala.zip4j.exception.ZipException: Cannot create output directories

replacing the %userprofile% with my username then the steps passes and the file does decompress fine.

Any insights!?



Nevermind… going back to the Execute action and the shell move command, I was able to make it work specifying the initial location as:

move %USERPROFILE%\Downloads\myfile.zip C:\temp

This way worked just fine.

Many thanks again for all your help Meidan