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There is a bug in the chromedriver version 98 which causes me to get an error while running the test. I downloaded the 99 beta chromedriver and even though I replaced it in “Workdir” (under Testproject directory) it is still using version 98. Where should I change the file?

Hi @berze.zoltan ,

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Regarding the scenario, this is not a bug.
Currently, we don’t support version 99, and that’s why you get an error while running the test.
Please replace it with version 98, and it will run well.
In general, chromedriver version 99 is in our roadmap for 2022.

Dear Alex,

As I mentioned the tests are not running due to this bug:

Could you help me where to replace the file? I’d like to put back version 97.


Hi @berze.zoltan,
After you replace the driver on the workdir, and also create a folder for that driver,
Please set Chrome version 99 as Selenium desired capabilities on your job.

  "goog:chromeOptions": {
    "args": [

Note that args are optional but version needs to be stated before them.

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Hi @Amit.Lacher ,

Thank you very much for your reply. Unfortunately, I don’t fully understand what you’re writing. I run the tests from the cloud or export them to python and run them from the command line. I’m making the directory for the new driver, but I don’t know where to set it to use.


I found this:

I will try it.

Hi @berze.zoltan,
Since Google fixed the issue within Chrome driver 98 and we have updated our drivers to the fixed version, Using Chrome 99 is not required anymore, in case you still need a way to use the beta version, please contact our support directly so one of our solution engineers can help you set it up.
Let me know if you managed.

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