"@" caracter seems not typable in a text field

Hello TestProject team,
I experienced something special today. I have a well-working test since quite a long time now. Since yesterday this test does not work anymore. After a bit of investigation it seems that it is related to the @ symbol in password text filed: It just cannot be typed in this text filed.

For example: I a password stored as a project parameter in my web test project. When i choose the text filed i want this password/project parameter to be in, it just write nothing and leave it blank.

We double check, “.” “+”, “$” seem to work perfectly but “@” character just does not work. In our situation, our workaround was jsut to change the original password to avoir the @ symbol in it. But it just to let you know.

Being at your disposal for more information if needed.

Best regards.


Hi @bubu,
There is an issue with Chrome driver 98,


#10318 [ Bug]: Send_keys does not accept underscore when I use chromedriver 98

This issue should be fixed when using Chrome driver 98.0.4758.102 which is already updated on TestProject.

Make sure you have Chrome latest version. if the issue persists please use FireFox, Edge, or older Chrome versions.

hi @Amit.Lacher
Thanks for your answer!

I’ll be looking for the fix.

Best regards.

Hi @bubu,
As I have mentioned the updated driver is already in place,
Let me know if you still experiencing the issue.