Capture service response in web application test

Hi, i’m a begginner and I’m trying to access to some service response inside the test application. In a manual test, I usually access to this information using browser DevTools, for example:

I need to add a step inside my test to access to the json response of a request and validate some data.

How can I do something like that? Do I need a TestProject addon?

Thanks and regards.

Hi @ElmaCan,
The ‘Get browser console logs.’ action may help you achieve that goal.

Thank you, Ran. I tried that addon yesterday, but I only got console tag information on DevTool. Maybe that addon has another action to achieve what I’m looking for. I’ll take another look :wink:

One more option that can help you is to use the ‘Robot Operations’ addon.
You can use its action to manually create steps (some actions will not work in headless mode).

Thanks! :slight_smile: i’ll take a look to that. Yesterday I found another topic with some usefull information, where a person used an action called Get Network Logs As JSON. I got a list of requests but i can’t get any response so far. So i’ll try your suggestion :wink:

Glad to know that :slight_smile: