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Can't upload .zip or .jar files as coded Tests [SOLVED]

Hello Test Project community. I am facing some issues when I try to upload coded tests written in java. When I try to upload a .zip file a get this error “Zip file contains no .dll files”. Also if I try to upload a coded test (tried with both options (Maven,Gradle)) I get this error " It appears the file you uploaded does not contain one of TestProject’s SDK’s. Please make sure to package either OpenSDK or testproject-sdk.properties file from legacy SDK into your jar file. For mor information, check this page: Java - TestProject Documentation" even though I have packed Test project SDK in pom.xlm file for Maven project and added Test project implementation to build.gradle for gradle project. . Can anybody help or guide me through this one?

You need to compile your test to a JAR file and then upload it to TestProject. a .zip file is for C# packaged tests. for java please upload a .jar file, incase you still encounter the second error please try to implement java openSDK in your gradle built as described here:

implementation 'io.testproject:java-sdk:1.2.3-RELEASE'

For more info please review our documentation here:

How to package and upload the tests: