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Cant start appium in Testproject Agent on Windows

Please help me with problem regarding Testproject Agent on Windows cant start Appium server.

I try to open “View device” in recorder for mobile, but I get error “Appium server is not running!”.

In 20211122_appium_0.log log file I found error:

2021-11-22 19:13:14.308 [Appium] Appium could not read or write from the Appium Home directory (/snapshot/appium/drivers). Please ensure it is writable.

I use Windows. I cant figure out how to change default appium home directory. There is nothing related in agent config file agent-configuration.json

    "bindIp" : "",
    "bindPort": 15585,
    "bindSecurePort": 15443,

    "httpProxyEnabled" : false,
    "httpsProxyHost": null,
    "httpsProxyPort": 0,
    "httpProxyUser": null,
    "httpProxyPassword" : null,

    "socksProxyEnabled" : false,
    "socksProxyHost" : null,
    "socksProxyPort": 0,
    "socksProxyUser": null,
    "socksProxyPassword" : null,

    "maxWorkers" : 0

Hi @vasily
Can you please send us your logs to our support mail support@testproject.io

Please do the following to retrieve your logs

  1. Restart your Agent
  2. Reproduce the issue you encountered

Kind regards