Cant start appium in Testproject Agent on Windows

Please help me with problem regarding Testproject Agent on Windows cant start Appium server.

I try to open “View device” in recorder for mobile, but I get error “Appium server is not running!”.

In 20211122_appium_0.log log file I found error:

2021-11-22 19:13:14.308 [Appium] Appium could not read or write from the Appium Home directory (/snapshot/appium/drivers). Please ensure it is writable.

I use Windows. I cant figure out how to change default appium home directory. There is nothing related in agent config file agent-configuration.json

    "bindIp" : "",
    "bindPort": 15585,
    "bindSecurePort": 15443,

    "httpProxyEnabled" : false,
    "httpsProxyHost": null,
    "httpsProxyPort": 0,
    "httpProxyUser": null,
    "httpProxyPassword" : null,

    "socksProxyEnabled" : false,
    "socksProxyHost" : null,
    "socksProxyPort": 0,
    "socksProxyUser": null,
    "socksProxyPassword" : null,

    "maxWorkers" : 0

Hi @vasily
Can you please send us your logs to our support mail

Please do the following to retrieve your logs

  1. Restart your Agent
  2. Reproduce the issue you encountered

Kind regards

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