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Can't see test name in browserstack job execution

Hi testproject community,

whenever I run a job on browserstack, all tests included in the job appear with the job name instead of seeing individual test names. Is there a way to push the test names to browserstack instead?

It is quite difficult to figure out which test failed (if you want to check the browserstack recording), when all carry just the job name & you have several failures. I am sure I probably miss a tiny check somewhere…Grateful for tips!

Hi @SN85 :slight_smile: ,

When running a job on BrowserStack, you will see it as a session (without test names).
However, the most effective way to see which test and when the test is executed is to navigate to the open URL of the test that you are looking for, for example:

  1. Sz86zCxhlC
  2. The second open URL will be the second test, so on the 3rd.

Let me know if it helped you, and if you have any more questions, please feel free to ask :slight_smile: