Can't see all the actions in search

Hello Everyone,

I’m not able to find all the actions in search. But when I add any suggested Actions and remove elements linked to it, it displays all the Actions (see below)

Am I doing something wrong or could someone please guide me. Because I’m not able to use public actions.

It depends on the tag name of the element. There are certain actions that become available with select boxes (e.g. Select Options By Text) that are not available for DIVs. It just depends on the type of tag you’re working with. Hope that helps!

Thanks for the response Arozmajzl1.

But the problem is, I was trying to use “Click a random item on the list” action from a dropdown list. My friend could use it in his project but I’m not able to.

What is the locator being used for this action?

Tried using all the locators