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Can't run Gradle 'test' task


I have downloaded your example project zip file and imported Addon, Runners and Test folders as individual gradle projects in my eclipse. I added io.testproject.sdk.java.jar to the roots of this projects and added Test and Addon projects to Java Build Path of Runner project. I also added my devToken in the Runner class.

But when I try to run the runner class as a gradle test I get the following exception:

org.gradle.tooling.TestExecutionException: Could not execute tests using Gradle distribution ‘https://services.gradle.org/distributions/gradle-4.3-bin.zip’.

Could you please tell me if you know how to solve this issue?

Hello vuckonem,

Please pull latest versions of the example from GitHub, since it was updated (groups added the Gradle tasks).
Look for runTest, runAction and runElementAction tasks under debug group in your IDE Gradle tasks list for the Runners project. See attached screenshots.
You might also have to install https://github.com/eclipse/buildship for them to appear in Eclipse.


Hi Marat,

Downloading complete project again did the trick for me.

Thanks for the advice.