Can't run a step in Mozilla

Hi Good day! I’m having problem in running a step in Mozilla. The step involves sending a message. I’m using the step Type (message here) in (element). It is working fine in Chrome. However if I ran it in Mozilla, testproject can’t find the element. I already look also in Mozilla to confirm if they have the same element and they did have the same element. The error has to do something with blocking ( obscured or not visible). But I’m sure of its Xpath since it is working in Chrome. Can you suggest any workaround with this? Your reply is appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @mark.g and welcome to our community!
Different browsers may be developed and parsed differently.
Please open your Firefox browser and try to get the Xpath there using the inspect tool.
Also, you can try using the ‘Type text (using JavaScript)’ action or the ‘Type text with robot’ action.
Let me know if you are still facing issues :slight_smile:

Hi @ran.ferdinaro. Thanks for the reply. Yeah I already use ‘Type text (using JavaScript)’ but it did not work either. The type text with robot action don’t have an option where to place the Xpath. And I already get the Xpath from Mozilla but still it fails to type in the message I want to send. Still facing failed test step now. Is there any other ways?

@mark.g You need to enter the element coordinates in the whole screen for the ‘Type text with robot’ action.
You can use ‘mofiki’s coordinate finder’ for that.

You can also get the JS path from the browser inspector and enter it to the ‘Execute JavaScript’ action along with .value = 'your text'.

document.querySelector("body > header > div > div > form > input").value = 'your value';.