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Can't register local agent in another PC

I was using local agent PC “A”.
To work in new PC “B”, I removed the registered local agent and tried to add new local agent.

But the following message is shown and can’t register local agent.

A TestProject Agent, , is running on the local machine.
To register a new TestProject Agent that is running on a remote machine, please provide the IP address of the remote machine and choose an Agent Alias.

Hi @yongzo.park.

There was no need to delete agent if you want to have one more but on another machine.

You can have 2 different computers with agent on each , and both connected to your account.
That way you will be able to use both of them for your needs.

As for the problem: Even after delete, there is a file that keeps information about binding to account.
You need to manually undind it now.

Try to open command prompt and enter following command (just copy and paste it)

del /f %appdata%\testproject\agent\agentIdentity.jbin

Then restart the agent and try to register again.