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Can't click on mobile mirror screen


When trying to record tapping on certain parts of our app (I think the webview parts, but not sure) the cursor turns to the above prohibition symbol, and then I can’t select anywhere to record anything from there on out - even refreshing the page often doesn’t help. I often have to log out and log back in.

Thanks for your time.

Hi @snelzing,

The cursor turns to this icon when the action (tap in your case) is not completed yet. It’s preventing you from performing more actions until the current one is completed.

How long does it takes for the cursor to return to its “normal” state?
You also mentioned that it’s happening in a WebView elements. Are you testing hybrid application?

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The response time varies, it can be a matter of minutes when there is no step afterward to complete. I play with that more to see.

Our app does not use a hybrid platform (e.g. Cordova) but it does use webviews.

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The recorder can face some issues with locating elements inside a Web View, since it’s a web element in a mobile test.
How do you locate the element? XPath?
If you do, please try to use a different locator strategy or even a relative/custom XPath.

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I did some more testing, and I think it doesn’t have to do (solely) with being a webview, as there are other webviews in the app that can be selected on just fine.

There is one particular part of the app, that if tapping is simulated on there at all, the prohibition symbol comes up and prevents from clicking anywhere until you refresh or log out and log back in. I believe it is a bug with Test Project.

Hey @snelzing,

Some webview elements can indeed be selected well but as @amit.yahav mentioned there are cases where will be some issues.
If refreshing the page or re-login can solve your problem there are 2 solutions that I can suggest:

  • make a test case just for performing the refresh action and then to use this test inside your test (nested test) as a step at the problematic section.
  • make a test just for the login scenario and then also perform this test inside your test as a step at the problematic section.

Let me know if it helped you :slight_smile:

Hmm. I will have to try this. Thanks!

So after some more tests, it is seemingly random when the cursor locks with the prohibition symbol. Has happened on non-webviews too. Screen has to be refreshed for it to go away.

Hi @snelzing,

Can you please send us the agent logs in the TestProject’s chat when it will happen again?
We want to investigate this issue.

Kind regards,

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