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Cant click Linsk after Switching window [SOLVED]

Hi Guys,
i recorded my way to through my website.
But after it switched the Window, it doenst work further.
Any solutions for this?

Step: “Switch to window 1”
Step: “Click Prozess - XPATH: //a[. = ’ Prozess”>Prozess’]"

Thx for ur Help!

Hello @Verweyenspam
Do you see if you run the test that the window is switched?

Cant tell it. Is it possible to switch by names?

Problem found. The Recorder had a Problem with the Xpath!

i am also getting the same issue like “switch to window 1” . how did you solve it

You can manually add the action switch to window in-case it doesn’t get recorded. please also make sure to use the correct index the windows count start from 0 and not 1.