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Can't able to swipe

Make a Swipe gesture from ( 397 , 1139 ) to ( 380 , 188 )

In test case i was capture the above step . i doesn’t run on my real device.

ERROR Message that in the terminal is

InvalidElementStateException: Swipe did not complete successfully

Hello @sathee0452.

Can you please provide more details for your scenario?
You’re performing a swipe while recording by moving your mouse some coordinates, the action gets recorded and then when you run the recorded action, it fails? Is this correct?

Please let me know your device model, and OS version to continue troubleshooting.

Hello @david.goichman
exactly the same was happend
device model: xiaomi-redmi_y1 ,
Os: Andriod
Os version:25

i had used some swip addons(like Swipe to element (horizontally)) also unfortunately that’s also not work at the time of excution,

Have you tried disabling animations in the developer settings and trying again?

If the issue persists, please contact us in the support chat and we will troubleshoot further.

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