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Cannot select record when creating a new test


so I have installed the agent on ubuntu desktop on my physical server, and I have registered the agent as well, but when I open the testproject on my chrome based on windows os, when I want to create a new test I can’t select the record, I can only choose edit? even though the agent in my ubuntu, i have set it as the public agent, why is it like that?by the way i haven’t installed the agent in windows, because i think i will use a centralized agent on my ubuntu desktop.


Hi @akbarfadillah2002,

In order to record the test, the agent should be installed on the machine.
Please install another agent on your Windows os and register it with your account.
Then, you can record your test on your Windows machine and execute the test on your Linux machine.

For example, here I have 3 agents, 2 on Windows and one Linux agent.

Hii, @dor.benzvi ,
Thanks you for answering

That means that the test project cannot only use one agent on one physical server? And if a member wants to join they must install the agent first? “At least with one agent can it be used to create tests manually”. Am I right?

Thanks again,

@akbarfadillah2002 Not exactly.

Anyone can join and execute tests on another machine, for example, you can execute tests without a local agent on your Linux machine.
But, if you want to record a test, you must have an agent installed on this machine.
Regarding the second question, yes you can always create tests manually without a local agent.

Thank you very much @dor.benzvi that’s very helpful. for my confusion

Hii @dor.benzvi ,
one more question, I found in the documentation

For example, if you have some team members with Windows machines and some with Mac machines, you can share the use of those devices and get the cross platform coverage that you need

  1. what is the meaning of this?
  2. about the public agent?
  3. Does this only apply to running tests, and to create tests manually?