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Cannot see iOS Simulator in Agents

Hi all,

I’m trying to see iOS (Simulator) devices in among in my Agent list. I can see my physical devices there, but these from xcode/Simulator are not appearing there. I tried to reinstall TestProject Agent after xcode was installed but did not help. I tried to reboot mac - did not help either.
Is there sny settings to testproject and/or xcode or so which I should do?

Hello @jan.tajzich
Which Xcode version are you using?
We currently do not support version 12.5 If this is the version you are using please update a lower version, you can use 12.4.
Please let me know if this is your case.

I’ve had 12.5 :open_mouth:
I deleted that, downloaded 12.4, installed and run Simulator from that.
Today I’ve reinstalled new version of TestProject Agent as well but no Simulators shown still :frowning:

Any other hint?

Aaah after restart of computer I can see it there! Thanks for help!

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