Cannot run my test case in edge

I have several test case that i build and already tested with chrome. But once i want to run those test case with Microsoft Edge. The edge appear and closed immediately, and the report said its error. And i have try to update the WebDriver. And i still cannot run my test case in edge.

Hi @momyuke

What version of Edge are you running at the moment?
At my end TestProject seems to have an issue with the Edge 103 version.
I had a similar issue on a server, I uninstalled Edge there and installed a 102 version that ran find on another machine. That worked for me.
Unfortunately Microsoft has, in their infinite wisdom, deemed it necessary to update my Edge again. And on my normal workstation running Windows 11, Edge is interwoven with Windows and does not seem to be de-installable. So I switched to Chrome for now.

Yes, you’re right @matthijs.risselada. For now I will not use the Edge to run my test case, since this issue happened in most of people that use Test Project. Thanks for the Information

Just now, the Test Project has been updated the driver. I try to run with Edge, works well. Thanks for the hard work, Test Project Team!