Cannot find buttons/elements on the app I m recording

When recording steps for a test, I cannot find the buttons that I see in the app.
In that screen there are several buttons (Play, Save Progress, Settings etc) but in TestProject I only see one element called Android.view.view

So when recording the steps I cannot set them to tap buton xx or button yy, and I tried using coordinates, which works for recording, but then when running the test the Adaptive Time seems not to work (even the custom option) as it does not give time enough to the step to be perfom and it already jumps to the next one.

How can I make the smart recorder locate the buttons I see in screen?

Hi @raul.bartolome,

  1. Try to find the elements in the recorder using the explorer tab.
    If they are not available there, it means that the recorder couldn’t parse these elements (can be caused by several reasons).
  2. Try to change the ‘EXECUTION SPEED’ settings.

Let me know if this information helps you.

Hi @ran.ferdinaro

Thank you for your quick reply.

1.- I tried that and I cannot find any button or element other than the only one you will see in the attached screenshot (which is not even a real element…)
Actually in the attached screenshot you will see 5 elements, but in fact no matter which one you choose it will always point to the same top left highlighted in black square that you can see in the image.
How can i fix the parsing by the recorder?

2.- It did not work, but i suspect it might be cause by issue 1, since the automated test is tapping nowhere and swiping nowhere as it cannot find elements and therefore the test just continues.

@raul.bartolome Please try to open the recorder with another app (Calculator) and check if you can see the different elements.
If you are not, it is probably an issue with the app itself (there might be an issue with the app’s optimization, too many elements causing element parse timeout, etc.); You can contact us at for further information.

Hi @ran.ferdinaro

I tried the recorder with the calculator and with a web page and in both cases it worked perfectly.

The issue seems to be only with this app I need to work with.