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Cannot click on button as Div Menu blocking my pointer

Hi everyone,

I am struggling with the Div bar menu that automatically appears when we click on an element to record. I am trying to click an element on upper right of the screen and when I am trying to click the button the Div bar blocking me to do that. I tried to change the Div menu position by moving back to another place but it comes again when I am trying to click on the button to record.

Please help me to understand if there is something I am missing that I should do to get rid of this Div menu. It is great to have this but this should not be on the pointer.


Hi @sharpat8

You can use the explorer window to find the element you seek for.
You can also move the inspector window so that it won’t interfere:

Thanks, Marat! I try to move the inspector window away from the button but when I try to click on the button it appeared again and blocked me from clicking.