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Can we use element captured in cloud in SDK

Hey I am new to test project, I want to understand few things. So the elements captured using smart recorder in cloud are stored in a folder called Elements. Can we use those elements in our SDK directly or is there any way to download those elements and use it in SDK directly.

Because I love the way smart recorder works and in my project I do have loots of condition statements which in cloud its difficult for me to set it up.

Please anyone guide me on this.

I am using python SDK.

Hey @surendrakumar_n , thanks for reaching out.

Generating code to Python from a test recorded using TestProject recorder will be available in TestProject Platform in a few weeks (currently you can generate to it for Java and C#).

in the meanwhile, you can use all element attributes that TestProject powerful recorder finds for you and integrate it in you code.

Thanks @meidan.nasi Yes that’s what I am doing currently Hope the feature comes soon :+1: