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Can we use an Enum parameter?

Hi everyone

Here’s my problem. In a coded test, I want to create an enum parameter.
Then when running the test from TestProject I want in the parameter section to choose the right value out of the enum values.
Is it possible? And if so how?



No, at this point only primitive types are supported - integers, floats, strings booleans.
We are planning to enhance this in the future allowing values lists, that will be presented as dropdowns, perhaps then lists of enums will be allowed as well.

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Thank you! That is great to know. Do you happen to know when it will happen? A general timeframe

hey is it possible that you missed the question? You replied to another question of mine but not to this one, and I added the question in an edit so that can be a reason for you to not see it

We plan a major release next week.
This enhancement will be handled right after but might take several weeks to get released.
We will keep you updated regarding the progress and inform you when it becomes available.

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Thank you! This is good to hear