Can we run TestProject locally in Ubuntu 20.04?

I want to run my test cases locally in Ubuntu 20.04 but I couldn’t. I referred the document and tried running from the path where i have download my TestProject agent which is in /Downloads folder, not running from there. I ran from /testproject/agent/bin, still not working from there. Would be thankful if anyone could tell me what i did wrong.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @sangay.dema,
TestProject supports Ubuntu 20.04.
Please follow this document:

Hi @ran.ferdinaro,
I looked into it but its not working. It works if I connect with the agent with the dashboard but not when i want to run offline. I have this file in, According to the document i am suppose to run testproject-agent(from CLI) but its saying comment not found.

Thank you very much for responding.

Did you make sure you installed the agent correctly?
Try to completely uninstall the agent, then install it again.

Also, what is the error message you ae getting?

I reinstalled it. Now it seems to working locally.

thanks alot!

Glad to know that it is working :slight_smile: