Can we overwrite the Project Parameter?

Hi Team,

Is there any possibility to overwrite the Project Parameter with Test Parameters?

My Requirement:
I have Pre-prod env set as URL in Project Parameter. Now for my testing/for new testscript I want to use test env as URL can I overwrite that Project Parameter with Test Parameter while running the Test Script?


Hi @Ram,
Your intention is not clear; Can you please elaborate?

If you want to change the value of a project parameter - you can use the ‘Set value to a parameter’ action (any action with output can change the parameter’s value).

If you want your test to launch another environment with a different URL -

  1. You can use the ‘Navigate to URL’ action.
  2. You can change the test’s application.
  3. You can use a data-driven test.

Hi @ran.ferdinaro ,

I am having multiple test cases in which I use Login as a Nested TestCase.
My Login contains the steps like, navigating to an URL, entering the credentials and clicking on submit button.

Here my intention is, now I am having two different environments (URL’s) one is Stage Environment & the other is QA Environment.
I declared my URL in Project Parameters as Stage Environment.

Now lets say, I want to run a particular test script in QA Environment. So is it possible to provide the QA Env URL while running the test script?


You can use one of the following solutions:

  1. You can use the ‘Navigate to URL’ action with a condition to execute based on the environment (you can create an ad-on and declare its value before the test execution).
  2. You can duplicate your test. in the duplicated test, and change the application (create a new application with the different URL).
  3. You can use a data-driven test and declare the URL there.

But the data-driven (By uploading of CSV) can be possible only for Test Parameters right? How can we make it for Project Parameters ?


You can create a test parameter to use with the CSV file.
Then, use the ‘Set value to a parameter’ action to move the value to your project parameter.

Hi @ran.ferdinaro ,

Thanks for your way provided. Now I am able to use ‘Set value to a parameter’ and update the Project Parameter.

But if we use ‘Set value to a parameter’ then other teammates will be impacted as the Project parameter will be updated.


You can create a project parameter for both environments.
Create a test parameter (for the data source).
Create 2 steps with the ‘navigate to URL’ action.
Set conditions for both steps - Execute the one step if the test parameter equals 1 and the other if the test parameter equals 2.