Can we do Mock Testing in TestProject


I want to know if TestProject can do mock testing? If yes do you have any video or tutorial for mock testing?

Hi @samahah,

There’s no out-of-the-box mocking functionality in TestProject.
Can you please elaborate on what exactly are you trying to mock? Perhaps there are other ways to achieve that.

Hi @amit.yahav

For example, I want to run a test to create a form, but I don’t want it to actually be created in my system, I just want to test the create function if it works properly.

I’ve probably done this test a few times, so it’s not so good if all the fake data is actually made in my production system.

So is there a way to do that in TestProject?

Hi @samahah,

First, I recommend you to not perform your tests in a production environment.
If you can’t avoid that, perhaps creating a separate production environment just for you, is also a good option.

Regarding the mocking functionality, there’s no way to achieve that. The best solution I could come up with is filling out the form without actually sending it.