Can we automation UWP app using TestProject

Appium can be used to automate UWP app. Does that support is available in the testproject SDK?
I need to automate app in three platform android, ios, Windows(UWP app). The app is developed using xamarin technology, sharing same code base for all three platform. App UI and functionality are same in all platform.
Please let me know whether we can use TestProject for UWP app automation

In order to drive the UWP app testing, a WinAppDriver is needed, which is currently not supported by the TestProject agent.

Hi Amit, are there any plans to support WinAppDriver for UWP app testing in the future with TestProject?

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Hi @Christian.Jimenez

It is not in our roadmap to support Windows apps. For that, we recommend exploring our parent company’s great solution - Tosca,
You can find more info here: